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What is UXBASIS?

It is a process and a set of tools, to help your organisation engage with your users through the online products you develop. Based on well founded principles, it allows you to answer your user and business needs.

Business intelligence





competitor analysis
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis provides a baseline of what works, and what does not, in the marketplace. There are several approaches that each requires a different investment of time.


Usually occurs at the beginning of the design process but when confronted with a difficult problem they can help in informing a solution. By using competitive analysis before talking to users you can use the results to identify issues that you can then clarify through research.


This tool should be used to establish best practices in competing websites and for the design team to learn from different approaches and innovations. By expanding our knowledge of how other sites are captivating user attention, this tool helps create a solution that enables users to make decisions and increase conversions.