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Thomas Cook Airlines
Seating Application
A way for customers and Airshoppen staff to visualise seating in an aircraft and to make choices that impact the quality of the customer experience.
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Requiring further optimisation and creative ideas to enhance their customer experience
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We created an application architecture to serve business critical areas of the business
The project

Thomas Cook Airlines requested a way for their travellers to visualise the different options available when buying a seat on an aircraft. We undertook the task by making a competitor analysis of other airline's systems and then added an extra element of allowing a passenger to see the aeroplane in 3D.

This also allowed the customer service staff at Airshoppen to visualise where the customers were sitting, make changes and recommendations where both parties could see the same screen. This allows better decision making and also brings the customer closer to their holiday experience.

We tested the concept using wireframes with existing customers to ensure the flow for seat selection fitted with their needs. Once the wireframes were adjusted the visual designers and developers worked on producing the prototype which underwent Beta testing before launch.

The product has become popular with both customers and the business and made way for new projects where visualising complex data has become a way for the business to become more efficient and offer a better experience.

The work
The company
Thomas Cook is part of Thomas Cook group PLC. With a joint fleet of 95 aircraft and approximately 3,400 owned and franchised travel stores, the group is Europe’s second largest leisure travel company.