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Combining competition, commerce and community in a Facebook application proved to be a successful approach for Nupo when reaching out to a new, younger target group.
Key facts
Before the campaign: 467 likes

Currently stand: 3,893 likes

At its highpoint in the first week of September, the application had 1,444 people talking about Nupo's social dieting campaign. The numbers are based on active interactions with the Facebook app and main page.

Now, the highest demographic of Facebook followers are women in the 18-24 age group (26.7%) and 23.4% in the 25-34 age group.
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The project

Nupo wanted to break away from traditional diet advertising with the classic before-and-after pictures, graphs and empty promises.

From research, we found that the perception of the brand was a weight loss product for the seriously obese and aged. We wanted to shift the demographic to a younger audience by building engagement and interaction around the brand.

The concept of the social dieting campaign “2 friends, 2 weeks, 4 kilos” came to life by acknowledging that dieting is tough and can be a lonely battle. We wanted to create a tool that would make it easier for dieters to keep motivated and in control while experiencing a sense of community.

Facebook provided a platform that was perfect for bringing people together to lose weight, compete for prizes, and also communicate through a public forum within the application. Also, Facebook allowed us to reach the new defined target group of women between 18-30 years old.

As a result, we developed a Facebook app based on a social competition that encouraged dieters to compete in teams of two. To allow the dieters to reach their goal within the 2 weeks time frame, we found it essential to add an f-commerce module as a key element within the application.

Alongside a TV campaign and in-store POS, the Facebook initiative became the focal point of customer interaction with the brand.

To ensure an optimal flow of the application - and an efficient and enjoyable experience for the dieters - we defined user journeys and created detailed prototyping, which allowed the developers to produce the application exactly to the right specifications. Based on both the prototype and our insights on the target group, the visual design was created using target appealing colors and imagery.

Finally, we tested a beta version to ensure that any bugs were ironed out, before the main launch of the campaign.

Check out the app here: Vind med Nupo

The work
The company
Nupo is the oldest and most well-documented Very Low Calorie Diet in the world. Nupo's new and positive dieting approach helps consumers to live a normal, balanced life while losing weight.