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Auction Application
With a focus on discovery and the race against time, we provided Lauritz.com with a visually pleasing new sales channel while inspiring users - and eliminating their fear of missing out on auctions.
Key facts
100.000 downloads in 3 months

Average of 1000 downloads daily

600% increase in user engagement compared to the website

Vendela Hägge, International Sales & Marketing Director, Lauritz.com: “The app is everything we could have wished for. We wanted something really intuitive and inspiring, and we have received lots of positive feedback”.
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The project

When Lauritz came to us, it was an interesting brief; on the surface we were presented with a very technical problem, but once we understood the domain, it was really about something very human and emotional.

With thousands of auctions constantly opening and closing, hunting for that great find combined with the race against time and other bidders is a major part of the Lauritz experience.

We wanted to ensure that Lauritz.com’s 1 million customers had access to the Lauritz platform regardless of time and space, and free them from being tied to their keyboards for those final, excruciating moments towards the final fall of the hammer.

The visual appeal is extremely important to Lauritz – they photograph every single item that comes into their warehouses – and we wanted the app to support that. We made a special effort to ensure that the maximum screen area was devoted to images and that users were given the ability to browse and jump to other auctions very easily.

Also, people are used to imagining the flow of time on a horizontal plane, so we wanted to replicate that in the app, giving people an overview of how their bids were fixed to items in an auction timeline. To eliminate the fear of losing, we ensured that bidders are constantly updated on their desired items through push notifications.

We designed the app to feel never-ending in the content that is presents to users and inspire them to explore and discover unexpected items in an intuitive and fun environment.

Finally, the unique functionality of smartphones allows for buyers to become sellers very easily, as the integrated camera enables users to send in snapshots of their own items for a free valuation. We linked this ability to the 'sell one like this' function, allowing an even easier switch from being in a buying mode to becoming a seller.

The work
The company
Lauritz.com were the first in the world to migrate auctions from the physical to the digital sphere, and today they are the leading online quality auction house in Scandinavia. Lauritz.com has over 250 employees and 20 physical auction houses spread over four countries.